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Because an Emergency can

happen at anytime,

DRAINS ETC is ready 24/7!

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Your bathroom has the potential to be a huge problem if something happens to your pipes. Call Drains Etc... any time of the day or night for our 24-hour EMERGENCY service!

Cut your bills and SAVE

For more quick tips on how to reduce your water bill, contact us today! We'll be happy to help install what you need.

One trip for safe plumbing

• Drains

• Sinks

• Tubs

• Hydro Jet cleaning

• Slab leaks

• Toilets

• Bathtubs and showers


Ask about our senior, law enforcement, and military DISCOUNT today!

Don't get caught in a flood!

  • Repair leaking toilet

  • Switch to a low-flow toilet

  • Install a faucet aerator

  • Install/Repair faucet leaks

  • Repair/Replace host bib

Bathroom Repair